About me

jacob so is a 23 year old recording artist from Oak Cliff Texas. While sticking mainly to writing and performing hip hop and r&b tracks, jacob also produces records under the pseudonym jacobi.


After graduating high school, jacob began writing and recording music in the small apartment behind his parents house, hence his label’s name, BackHouseMusic. Within a span of two years after graduating, jacob released various solo projects (RapnBlues, Jacobi’sTasties, and Jacobi’sTastiers) as well as a line of EPs with friend, KY (JustForKicks, JFK2, and JFK3).


After releasing his early experimental projects, jacob began to really find his voice as an artist. Since then, jacob has released three projects (theSOisSILENT, loverboy, and dopamine), the latter of which is his latest project, available across all online streaming platforms.


While pursuing his music career, jacob also obtained a BA in Mathematics from The University of Texas at Arlington and, since then, a physics teaching position at Sunset High School in Oak Cliff, where he is currently undergoing his first year of teaching.